Busy Boxes Set 1

Although our son knows his colors I thought it would still be fun to make him a color sorting mat so that he could self-entertain.  We will be doing kindergarten homeschool for our daughter and we will need plenty of ways for the three year old to keep busy without constant interruptions.  Jo-Ann Fabrics had a Memorial Day sale on fat quarters- $1 each so I snagged one of each rainbow color.  After making the color mat I have plenty of fabric left to use for other delicious projects.  The small bugs were from the Dollar Tree and the dinosaurs we already had.  If you make a mat like this you will suddenly realize how many things in your home can be sorted by color.

Additionally I purchased these garden stones from Michael’s for $6 because I knew their sparkle would attract both children.  At first we used them as a color sorting activity (cups and pizza tray from Dollar Tree) but quite quickly the kids decided to make little rock families.  Even my almost 5 year old really got in to it.  The first time I introduce a new busy box is so awesome- a half hour of self-monitoring guaranteed!


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