Our Curricula

Once we decided to homeschool I thought it would be quick work to select a basic secular kindergarten curriculum.  HA!  This challenge can be made even more difficult depending on your reasons for homeschooling in the first place.  Reasons are private.  Any mention of them often invites criticism.  I will not go in to our reasons here except to say that we do want our daughter to be challenged.


Miquon Math


To be sure we were doing our best in this regard we joined a local homeschool FB group, asked friends who had homeschooled in the past about their program preferences, and attended a homeschool open house at the library where we could ask direct questions and peruse math and reading programs.  It was all extremely helpful.


We settled on the following:IMG_6279

Build Your Own Library’s: Around the World Kindergarten curriculum

(This includes literature, history, geography, poetry, animal science)

Miquon Math Labs with cuisenaire rods

All About Reading phonics program Level 1 and 2

The Complete Writer (Workbook for Writing with Ease)  IMG_6281

We will be doing unit studies/experiments for science

Additionally we have a large library of used kids books for those times when we just want to delve into a special interest area.  Pinterest has a wonderful selection of themed printables which have already been very helpful.

Our area has some great homeschool discovery resources including the Ann Marie Garden monthly STEAM programs, the Calvert Nature Society‘s monthly homeschool day and their other great programs, and the Little Explorers Program at Historic St. Mary’s City.



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