Busy Boxes Set 2

My son just turned three in April which means that he isn’t just going to need a couple of busy boxes. He is going to need a ton of them.  Otherwise I’m not going to be able to teach my daughter anything. In our area (Southern Maryland) there is wonderful children’s consignment sale at the fairgrounds called Leprechaun Lilly’s. It takes place in April and October and it is fantastic. I never miss it.

A year ago I discovered a used magnet kit in the game section. It might have been $5. We love it! We often use it in conjunction with the Magformers, pots and pans, and magnetic letters. Often we will travel around the house testing all the doorknobs, doors, and kitchen appliances too. I don’t keep it accessible all the time anyway but now I’ve got it put away with the busy boxes so that it is SPECIAL. As you all know, when you hide a toy for a while it’s like it becomes new again.

Another goodie that we used a lot for our first child was this container collection of wooden buttons, spools, and beads. Unfortunately these types of kits rarely seem to come with appropriate threading string. It always seems too flimsy when it really should be stiff. So I finally went to Michael’s to buy some lanyard cord. It was a few bucks for the entire package which is way more than I really need or want. Going in on this with someone else might be a good idea.

This activity is nice because my almost five year old will still sit and do it during quiet time.


One thought on “Busy Boxes Set 2

  1. Lu,You are genius.  And quite the organizer!  I think a lot of moms get lost in all the stuff and finding places to keep it (neatly).  Ever consider going into home organization too?  I’m going to be your biggest fan!  I can learn a lot from you!!!  I love the camping idea.  I have to figure out how to get my hubby on board.  He loves camping….I think I bring in a little HM (High Maintenance) factor into the equation.   He likes camping on the ground, I like an air mattress.   I love camping…but I need comfort with me.  I don’t think an air mattress is a lot to ask for…..  Julie (757)469-8291


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