Homeschool Field Trip to Little Explorers at HSMC

imageIt was another wonderful Little Explorers program at Historic St. Mary’s City today.  Kudos to Ms. Sharol who does  a wonderful job with so many demanding preschoolers descending upon her all at once. As the theme today was water the kids got to play in tubs of of it with various objects like rubber ducks and pouring vessels.  They got to go fishing for magnetimageic fish and the storytime segment is always a big hit.

We traveled down to the waterfront to enjoy some parachute games and even got to explore the Maryland Dove, a very enticing ship that is docked there much of the year.

The programs at Historic are very valuable to our family, especially this one.  Little Explorers is off for the summer but will come back in the fall.  The program is $4 and is designed for 3-5 year olds.  That admission lets you stay and enjoy the rest of the place as well so if you haven’t checked it out yet come on down.

image       image




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