Mexican food, Tadpoles, and Homemade Butter

With homeschool you never knowimg_6510 what kind of day you’re going to have, even if you think you do.  This morning we continued learning about Mexico and decided to go ahead and try a recipe from our new Usborne World Cookbook.  We went for the homemade refried beans which unfortunately did not magically change the fact that neither kid will touch beans.  You can see in the photo below that just being asked to stand near them was almost too much for my daughter.  Alas, Mexican dinner was not a hit.

The Build Your Own Library Kinder curriculum we are using also has us reading Little House in the Big Woods at the moment.  We are approaching Christmastime in the Big Woods now but before we can get in to the excitement of making molasses candy we need to complete our homemade bread and butter project.  The bread is on the docket for tomorrow but we went ahead and got the butter done this evening on our drive to the grocery store (ironic, no?).  It involved shaking a tablespoon of cream in a container the size of a baby food jar.  We took turns and after 20 minutes the kids were amazed to see one of their favorite foods.  Or just hungry.  Suddenly there were dirty fingers coming out of nowhere.img_6504

Our homemade butter

Toward the end of the day a friend let me know that she was rich in tadpoles  and asked if I’d like to start a life cycle project.  When I learned how little preparation this required I was quite thrilled with the idea.  We picked up our new friends and all of us are greatly looking forward to watching them transform.  The kids checked on them 3 times before bed to see if they’d grown.  We happened to have a good spread on amphibians in one of our science books and discussed the frog life cycle right away because why not?

Along with the Build Your Own Library Kinder materials we have a global art and activity book.  In it there are instructions for making both passports and a suitcase out of cereal box cardboard.  We have been a bit slow to get going on this but that is mostly because there is one more week until I’m off for the summer.  I expect things will be picking up quite quickly.

All in all, it was a diverse day and we all learned something.



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