Oz Playground Field Trip

Recently while I was pushing my son in a swing at the park another mom started telling me about a wondrous Wizard of Oz playground located in Upper Marlboro, MD.  It sounded like a dream.  We haven’t read that book yet with our kids, nor have they seen the movie.  However we went ahead and bought the audiobook and got a few good listens in before we drove North to Oz last weekend.

What a wonderful time we had!  Not only was there the Emerald City, Auntie Em’s house, the poppy garden, the munchkin domes, and the hot air balloon run but there was everything else you could have wanted.  This included a lovely nature center with a friendly staff, mini golf, a train ride that utilized a real track, and a shaded carousel.  We met up with several other families there and it was wonderful.  The kids ran until they couldn’t run anymore.  And when that time came we headed over the campground which is located within the same park (Watkins Regional).

Unfortunately the campground seems to be run by an outside party and so all financial transactions must occur through SMARTlink.  This may explain why so many sites were empty on a mild June weekend.  We had a lovely site that was grassy and spacious and no neighbors to speak of.  The bathroom has functional showers and the thunderstorm did not breach the tent.  We will certainly go back and highly recommend it.



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