Easy as Apple Pie

img_6676During our first year of homeschool we are using the Build Your Library program’s Around the World kindergarten curriculum.  It focuses on teaching through quality literature and in the process includes quite a bit of geography, history, and even some cooking.  In the first week of the program we were supposed to have read the lovely story, “How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World,” by Marjorie Priceman.  Of course we were also supposed to go ahead and actually make an apple pie as well.  Since I know what happens when I attempt pie crust I opted to wait until Grandma came to town to do this project.  Well she is finally here and we just finished it today.  img_6671

One thing I really love about homeschool is the logical way it plays out. You read about something in a book, you talk about it, and then you actually get to do it- all in one day if you want. You don’t have the same limitations that you face in a room full of kids, it’s very freeing.  Lessons can be extremely functional and directly applicable.  And bonus:  everybody gets pie.



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