Being Butterflies


Notice the butterflies on the dress.  My daughter can really embrace a theme.

Thus far our homeschooling journey has been heavily reliant on the three main curriculums we purchased- Miquon Math, All About Reading, and the Around the World Lit. lesson plan book.

Our family is participating in a butterfly count this Saturday and I wanted the kids to be aware of how much happens in the life of a butterfly.  Besides, my 3 year old sounds adorable when he says, “Metamorphosis”.  Therefore we enacted our first unit study.

During our weekly library trip we chose some super books on the topic.

img_6828I also made a butterfly board on Pinterest last night that included some video clips, a life cycle song, and some free worksheet printouts.

We started off by reading about the life cycle changes this morning and using that information to role play caterpillars and butterflies.  They needed no encouragement from me and actually had to be cut off when one chrysalis began to shake a little too violently.  We watched a video of a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis numerous times and then gathered our butterfly nets and hit the road.

We headed for our community garden plot where we found numerous Cabbage Whites, and several small butterflies we couldn’t identify.  My 5 year old was able to catch three different ones which we briefly examined.  It was a thrilling chase which had as an extra insect bonus, some ladybugs, harlequin beetles, and a tiny grasshopper.img_6810

When we came home we did a simple butterfly craft involving paper folded over and cut in the shape of a B and some kid paint.




We are off to a good start with our butterfly unit study.  We’ll spend two more days on it before it culminates with the butterfly count.


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