Homeschool Unit Study: Statue of Liberty


Lady Liberty

Our Around the World kindergarten curriculum from Build Your Own Library begins by studying North America.  The Around the World Art and Activities  book includes directions for the Statue of Liberty hat and torch.  Since we don’t live anywhere near Ellis Island this inspired a unit study on immigration as well as the construction of the statue itself.  This unit study also began the conversation about how objects can be representative of an idea or a state of being.

In addition to a great book on Ellis Island we chose these two from our local library.  The one on the right was written from the perspective of numerous individuals associated with the construction of the statue- the designer, the poet who wrote the welcome message, the relatives of the first immigrants to New York.


In our classroom we have a map of the world which has been one of the best things we bought when gearing up for homeschooling.  We make paper cut-outs of animals and landmarks that we have studied and tape them to the map when the unit is complete.  We are wrapping up North America now so today we added the Canadian flag, Niagara Falls, an immigrant steamship, and of course Lady Liberty.


If you are looking for a global art book we have really been enjoying Around the World Art and Activities .  Here is a bald eagle puppet we made earlier this week.



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