Into the Rainforest

Helloooo South America! North America got a little stagnant there toward the end therefore we are thrilled to be traveling south this week.  The last few chapters of Little House in the Big Woods just didn’t appeal much to my modern 5 year old.  When she learned that the chapter titled, “The Wonderful Machine,” was really about a grain thresher she mentally moved on.

To get started on our new continent we did a big morning of animal study which included viewing a great documentary about the mighty Harpy Eagle.




Photo credit: unknown

My 5 year old was so engrossed that she didn’t move for 50 minutes.  As soon as the documentary was over she built a harpy eagle nest on the living room floor, put some “chicks” in it and began hunting for food (chunks of capuchin monkey designated by wooden blocks).  She was quite clear with her brother that as they were not a mating pair he would need to find his own nest elsewhere.

When one topic is keeping their attention so well I don’t see much reason in attempting to sway them in another direction.  So we went ahead and started a Harpy Eagle animal report. Next time we’ll be using some lined paper for the writing portion.

You recognized the eagle right away, didn’t you?



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