Impressionism Saturday and Science Experiment Sunday

Since we’ve been on vacation for most of August we have some catching up to do in pretty much all areas.  One of those is……..SCHOOL!

This week we began the story Linnea in Monet’s Garden which talks quite a bit about the water lilies that Monet was known for, his gardens in Giverny, France, and Impressionism in general.  We opted to learn more about all of this via Pinterest (it has been quite a while since my last art class) and yesterday we produced our own water lily artwork.  My daughter really enjoyed the various videos on Impressionism that we watched via YouTube and she was excited to give it a try.  I found it surprising that she was able to understand the information about how light affects art.  It was another realization that although things like Impressionism may not ordinarily be taught to 5 year olds, it doesn’t mean that they can’t understand those topics.


We decided to follow this with a Science Experiment Sunday today.  For a while now I have wanted to try turning milk and vinegar into plastic.  It was one of those Pinterest ideas I didn’t quite believe in.  Today we tried it on a small scale- just one cup of milk and a few teaspoons of vinegar later we had a curd-like substance.  We pressed the water out, blotted it with paper towels and pressed it into a cookie-cutter.  In three days it should be a hard piece of a plastic-like substance.  I will post an update and let you know if it worked out.

Any time the kids get to mix something together they’re happy.  And if they’re happy, I’m happy.


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