August’s End and Our Beginning

The end of August is here again and strangely I did not send my child to school.  The buses came and went and she was still here.  Despite the sibling bickering and the moments of 5 year old stomping/pouting/whining  I couldn’t be happier that we chose this for kindergarten- learning together at home.

Since this was our first week back from vacation we tried to start making up for our 3 weeks away.  The nature journals (made from old braille books destined for the dump) were calling out for some collage work.  We took a falling-apart copy of The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle and re-purposed it with Mod-Podge.

We studied France, read Linnea in Monet’s Garden, and built the Eiffel Tower.  Sometimes she forgets and calls it the Elfie Tower which I love.

We made a weekly kid-friendly chore chart and initiated it.  This went over so well I couldn’t believe it took us this long.


The quick and dirty science experiment of the week- exploring polymers.

I took the below photo while I was alone at the doctor this week.  When I got home I showed it to my daughter (we covered Impressionism over the weekend) and asked if she recognized it.  She did.  “It’s Monet’s first wife Camille. He painted it.  You can tell by the brushstrokes.”  It was very serendipitous to run into a Monet this week-I think the connection helped her comprehend just how famous he really is.  We will be heading to the National Gallery this weekend to see some real Monet paintings.  Sometimes it is nice to be only 2 hours away from DC, especially now that we are homeschooling.  This will serve as our End of Europe field trip and it will include a picnic outside just like Linnea and Mr. Bloom do in the Monet book we read this week-bread, cheese, and fruit are on the menu.  There is a cookbook that goes along with our curriculum which has a great spread on cheeses.  We took the kids to the grocery store last night and let them pick some “fancy” cheeses for the picnic.  We are now supplied with brie, parmesan, and smoked gouda.  Good job kids!

Building our own Russian Orthodox church was great fun.  We used cardboard from the recycling, some overhead projector transparencies and rainbow Sharpie markers.  It is attached to the window with Glue Dots (a pretty incredible invention).  Our folk  tale for Russia was about Baba Yaga the witch who floats around in a giant mortar and pestle.  I’ll never look at them the same way again.

Making our own matryoshka dolls was a great project.  They all fit into the big purple momma which our daughter thought was hilarious. She enjoyed sketching the faces.

Where is a white sheet when you need one??  We covered Greece this week too- don’t be fooled by this Indian Sari.  It’s just that a realistic toga just wasn’t coming together.


Of course we got outside for nature time- oysters and crabs, herons, and butterflies.




The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly this evening in our own backyard (Southern Maryland).


We’ve stamped Europe in our passports (we literally have pretend passports) and now we’re moving on to Africa!  We’ll send a postcard!


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