Six Weeks On, One Week Off

Our first break from homeschool since our summer vacation was glorious. This time of year the weather is at its best (minus Hurricane Matthew) and we spent all week outside.

Maryland has about 20 playgrounds that are considered “imagination playgrounds”. Included in this is the Wizard of Oz playground in Upper Marlboro which was previously the only one of them we’d been to. It is fabulous by the way.  The Medieval Dragon playground and the Viking Ship park weren’t quite as impressive but we were happy to finally get to see them.

The Dragon’s Nest, Bowie, MD

Comparing feet

Despite all the rain last weekend we braved a muddy corn maze and did not have to leave our boots behind.

On Wednesday we met up with one of our favorite local groups: Little  Explorers at Historic St. Mary’s City. This week’s theme was, “What’s Bugging You?” The bug hunt was highly successful.

A tiger swallowtail caterpillar on fennel

On Thursday we had an out on the town artist date. We met Henri Rousseau inside a picture book biography. Then we attempted to paint jungles the way he did: using our imaginations. Rousseau couldn’t afford to travel to a real jungle so instead he used house plants as models and created the most organized jungles ever. This date was really fun because it helped us understand that learning can take place anywhere. We can and should be mobile learners. I am now going to keep some staples in my trunk for this purpose.

On Friday we had a big play date in the morning and called it a great week.

I also had some extra time to start on the Halloween costumes, put in my library book requests, and get organized for the next six weeks. Tomorrow we’ll start on Israel.

It was a wonderfully refreshing week off!


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