Learning about the Middle East: Iraq and Israel

If I thought that starting school again after a week off was going to be a walk in the park I must have been delusional.  It was awful.  Really really awful.  We had lost the flow- no one could stay on task, I felt unprepared despite the break, the three year old forgot how to behave himself and none of us seemed able to find the groove again.  Unfortunately it continued this way all week.


The Jaffa orange tree of Israel

Some weeks are just like that I guess.  So we tried to incorporate some fun things to help ourselves readjust.  A large component of the readjustment plan was decorating for Halloween and another was dress-up.

We also played in the mud and looked for crabs.

Many of the things we did this week never got photographed, we were just off our game.  But we did read a couple of great books- The Librarian of Basra by Jeanette Winter and Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns: A Muslim Book of Colors by Hena Khan.

Outdoor painting class was a fun highlight of the week.  My husband built this double-sided easel a couple years ago and it has been wonderful.  If you plant to build your own you might want to try to make it collapsible since it takes a lot of space to store.  But it does make a wonderful gift and the holidays are coming……

After reflecting on our week back to school I think that math and writing went more smoothly post break, there was certainly less complaining about them.  Next up: Lebanon and Jordan- may they command our full attention:)


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