Architects Abound

This week we wrapped up our unit on the Middle East by learning about Lebanon and Jordan.  Although the tabbouleh and hummus would have been enjoyable for me I know my children well enough by now to save myself the money and effort.  For our unit study this week we chose architects which was great fun for everyone.  We were finally able to pull the mountain of boxes out of garage and start turning them into fun things.  Since this is the time of year we are putting our garden to bed we also had a plethora of available bamboo.




We read the architectural version of the three little pigs and were motivated to make our own wolf-proof lodging.  Fortunately we live quite far away from Yellowstone.  This book had many Frank Lloyd Wright references and it was a fun game for the kids to try to pick them out.  We learned about him in a biography earlier in the week so they were ready.


The dwelling was for mini kids ages 2-5 only.  And you were under no circumstances allowed to bring a cat.


We enjoyed the book Monsters Under Bridges by Rachel Roellke Coddington.  It is about the bridges of the Pacific Northwest and the creative monsters that live under them.


Of course we had to try our own bridge after that.  We went with tongue depressors and painter’s tape.  I thought those would be relatively frustration free.


Building shapes out of the tongue depressors and clothespins was also quite fun.

Each week we try to compose a thank-you note or letter that we send through the post office.  This helps reinforce our address and the concept that most people we know have an address where they can be reached.

Health is one of the categories we need to keep track of in our homeschool portfolio.  This week we purchased a Brushyball brushing guide and timer through Amazon.  $30 seemed like a lot until I considered a lifetime of poor brushing habits.  We have brushed three times today already and it is 2 in the afternoon.  Big success.  Different sections of teeth light up as you are guided through the session. It also talks and plays music (LOUDLY) but if brushing is as much a chore for you as it was for me……pay the $30.

We squeezed in a hayride at the pumpkin patch.


We got to observe a couple of animals.

Our daughter has now had enough cutting practice and is ready to graduate to functional cutting.  Therefore she is now in charge of prepping her own reading lesson games.  This is very helpful to me as I scramble around getting the rest of the lesson ready.  She is also showing signs of wanting more responsibility so we are working it in wherever we can.


Of course we also had plenty of time for recess.


Next week we travel to China.  We’ll send you a postcard!



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